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Very shortly after Firefly was canceled and before the sets were torn down, my company visited with both Mutant Enemy and Fox Home Entertainment and proposed a way to save the show via a direct to DVD subscription model. In spite of having multiple plausible solutions, the capability to execute them, and a subscriber list numbering in the thousands, we received a lukewarm response to the idea. Mutant Enemy (Joss's company), was more interested than Fox, but Fox owned the rights, so ME's hands were tied.

Several months after our meetings, the producers of the hit Fox television show '24' announced an 8 episode spin-off of '24' that will be produced exclusively to be sold on DVD. This is exciting news and once proven successful could very easily lead to bringing our favorite show back to the small screen.

We feel that with Joss's passionate fan base numbering in the millions worldwide, combined with critical acclaim, top notch writing and acting and an established story, 'Firefly' will be the perfect vehicle for direct to DVD model. With Star Trek and Star Wars interest waning of late, and with Buffy's end, we believe the world is ready for the next great sci-fi adventure.

If anybody at Fox or Mutant Enemy is reading this, our company is still very interested in dealing with all of the details and headaches of a direct to DVD model. All we need is a green light. We will find up front investors/advertisers, build and maintain the mailing list, and create/replicate/distribute the DVDs. I'm certainly not saying we are the only company that can do all this, but we are ready and willing.

While we are very excited about the idea of direct to DVD Firefly, at this point our priority is making sure the movie is as big of a success as possible, so don't forget to visit the guerilla marketing section. As I'm sure many of you are, I'm thrilled Firefly is going to make it to the big screen, but I truly believe that the story of Serenity's crew needs to be told in far more detail than a few two hour movies will allow. I was told that the set for Serenity was not destroyed this time but rather was "folded" and put away for future use. This is great news as will eliminate the need rebuild a multi-million dollar set.

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